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 Where Your Words & Voice Have Power

Speak That! Movement, Inc. is an award-winning, women-led organization with a mission to equip and empower professional women in business along their journeys of dream and goal realization, while supporting them to combat mental health issues and social injustice roadblocks along the way, so they can unapologetically walk in their purpose, use their voice, and live their best lives. We thank you for participating in our Speak That! Talks; watching our Speak Their Stories; joining our events; supporting our youth empowerment endeavor, Girl, Speak That!; and shopping from our Speak That! Movement empowerment boutique

About Us

In 2011, Speak That! Movement Founder and Business Professional Tiara M. Tucker executed on her vision to create an empowering, entertaining and diverse community event in Bloomington, IL, called "Speak That!" Now, over 10 years later, we have evolved into an impactful and award-winning source of empowerment, inspiration and connectivity when diverse business professionals need it most. Join us on a transformational journey that entails manifesting the 4 Pillars of our Movement so that you can dream big and live your best life! We are currently a non-tax-exempt organization. 


Dream It!

It’s time to unapologetically shatter the glass of limitations and mental roadblocks and DREAM bigger!


Believe It!

Despite what you hear and see around you, BELIEVE you have everything within you to manifest your dreams and live your best life!


Speak It!

Words have power and your “that” can be spoken into existence, so use your voice to SPEAK It and SPEAK Out about injustices!

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Walk It!

Faith without works is dead, so you Go, Girl, and boldly WALK in your purpose no matter what comes your way!


Join & Support the Movement

As an organization led by professional women in business who are truly passionate about diversity, equity, inclusion, and social action, we are boldly and actively making a positive impact in the community. We curate signature events and experiences that create space for diverse women to connect, feel included and celebrate their accomplishments. We give voice to topics, such as #mentalhealth and #socialjustice, that are not historically deemed comfortable to talk about in the workplace. We are a safe place outside of the workplace where women feel empowered to confidently let their voices be heard and honored for making their dreams a reality. 

Our award-winning community engagement efforts entail giving back, paying it forward and inviting the most impacted stakeholders to have a seat at the tables we create. We use our platforms for inspiring business professionals, such as expert speakers, corporate/small business leaders, entrepreneurs, community advocates, mental health professionals, social justice activists, and coaches to equip and empower our audiences. We also speak the stories of families impacted by injustices because we have fostered a genuine relationship with them to actually know their stories vs. simply saying their names. 

In 2021, during Illinois State University's Homecoming weekend, we launched our newest endeavor, Girl, Speak That! to equip and empower the future generation of women in business. In 2022, we have received even more honors and awards for our community efforts. 

Please consider blessing us financially and volunteering with us, so we can continue to be a blessing to others and the community along our journey. Right now, donations are not tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your generosity! 

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Join us for a powerful and enlightening evening as we shine a spotlight on Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. In this special edition of Speak That! Talks, Tiara Tucker will bring together two incredible guest speakers who are at the forefront of advocating for mental health and social justice in minority communities. Our first guest is Dr. Torie Williams, a passionate and dedicated Mental Health Advocate, and the CEO of "Be VicTORIEus." With her extensive expertise and personal experiences, Dr. Williams has become a leading voice in the fight to break the stigma surrounding mental health in minority populations. Dr. Torie will share insights and strategies for creating positive change in the mental health landscape. Our second guest, Arleen Robertson, brings a unique perspective as an Impacted Mother of Social Injustice. Through her personal experiences, Arleen has witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by minority individuals, especially when it comes to navigating the complex intersections of social disparities. Arleen's strength and resilience have led her to become a fierce advocate for justice and equity, making her an essential voice in our discussion. The event takes place at the Tiara PR Network Headquarters in Carrollton, TX Throughout the event, we explore the significance of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and how we all can get involved in supporting mental health initiatives in their communities. Our guests provide valuable resources, tips, and actionable steps for promoting mental well-being and social change, making this a must-attend event for everyone. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the podcast or Tiara PR Network.
Girl, Speak That!: A Virtual Empowerment Event for High School Girls

Girl, Speak That!: A Virtual Empowerment Event for High School Girls

Hey, Girls! We are so excited to meet you at the Speak That! Movement Girl, Speak That! Virtual Empowerment Event! Last October, we launched our newest endeavor, Girl, Speak That!, in Bloomington, Illinois, to equip and empower the future generation of women in business - yes, all of you dynamic high school girls! At the first Girl, Speak That! event, we spent the evening with 20 teenagers from the Jule Foundation and encouraged them to dream big. This October, we are taking it to another level and want you to be a part of it! We are excited to feature Zara Jones, who was our special youth guest at our Speak That! Movement Empowerment Brunch in March. Zara is a 6x Published Author, Writer, Blogger, Dedicated Volunteer, and a recent high school graduate from Dallas, Texas, trying to live her best life at the age of 19! Virtually meet Zara as she talks to you about how “Selfcare Isn’t Selfish!” We will also have a special performance from Dallas’ DFW Dancin’ Divas that you don’t want to miss! That’s not all! You‘ll get to hear Teenage Entrepreneur Laniya Powell, who represents Divas Build Futures located in Dallas. Laniya is excited to tell you all about her journey as an entrepreneur out of high school! Stay until the end because we have a special Wakanda Forever announcement from the Go For Yours Foundation based in Los Angeles, California! Get ready for an empowering and entertaining time! Why? Because, Girl, You Deserve It!

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