Speak That! Movement

Dream It! Believe It! Speak It! Walk It!

Questions: Do you feel like there is so much going on in the world right now, and you just don't know how to make an impact? Do you find yourself feeling hopeless, voiceless, or not appreciated in the workplace or as a business owner? Do you know that there is power in your words and your voice matters? Do you know what it feels like to be celebrated for making your dreams come true and reaching your goals? If so, and especially if not, Speak That! Movement is for you!

Why? Glad you asked! We are a 501(c)(3) charitable women-led organization with a mission to equip and empower professional women in business along their journeys of dream and goal realization. We are on a mission to combat mental health issues and social injustice roadblocks along the way because we understand the impact these critical issues have on the lives of so many people, especially women. We are dedicated to empowering, educating, enlightening, edifying, uplifting, connecting, and celebrating diverse business professionals via our inspiring speakers, epic events, engaging media, and custom novelties. Additionally, when we engage within the community, we don't sit idle and wait on invites to have a seat at tables; we are bold enough to create our own tables and invite the most impacted stakeholders to pull out one of our seats to join us.

Since 2011 - back when we were founded in Illinois and a decade before we became a charitable organization based in Dallas, TX  - we have remained passionate about enriching lives and communities by curating and hosting empowering events featuring some of the most inspiring and motivating business professionals, speakers, authors, coaches, advocates, activists, and entertainers from all over the world. We want to connect with and feature even more!

Pre-COVID, we hosted our in-person Speak That! Movement Empowerment Socials and networking events to connect with business professionals in the community. During COVID, we created and hosted over 50 live virtual events, including our Speak That! Talks, which were live-streamed every Thursday evening from May 7, 2020 to May 6, 2021 to offer hope when the world was hurting (we are taking a break right now until Season 2). Visit our "Talks" page to learn more about our #SpeakThatTalks and get ready to join us for Season 2!

We also love to share engaging social media posts, videos, thought-starters, and custom empowerment novelties that you can refer to along your journey. Visit our "Boutique" to shop with us. All proceeds from all of our novelties help us to fulfill our mission.


If you would like to bless us so we can continue to be a blessing to others, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to $SpeakThatMovement. If you are interested in speaking with us along your journey, connecting with us, or would like to book us to speak at your next event, contact us today!

Meet Our Executive Team


Tiara M. Tucker

Founder and President

As a wearer of many “tiaras,” Tiara is an award-winning PR and communications strategist, speaker, coach, event creator/host, social justice activist, mental health advocate, and philanthropist. She is also the founder and owner of Tiara PR Network, LLC.


Laneeda Evans

Executive Treasurer

A native of Rockford, IL, Laneeda has a true love and concern for people, which is evident by her being a social worker and leader at heart who continues to be a strong community, mental health, and social justice advocate. She believes you must meet people where they are and not where you desire them to be in order to truly meet their needs.


Colleen Matthews

Executive Secretary

Colleen is a professional leader in business and has worked for a Fortune 50 company for almost a decade. She is passionate about connecting people and helping others reach their full potential. She enjoys participating in civic engagement events and mentoring young women.

We are seeking committed and passionate volunteers to join our team. Contact us today if you want to be a part of our iconic journey to make an impact in the lives of others. 

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