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Speak Their Stories is a signature community engagement initiative of Speak That! Movement created and led by Tiara M. Tucker. Speak Their Stories is driven solely by passionate women in business who are bold enough to bring the appropriate stakeholders to the table to help increase public awareness of the “not-so-popular” along with the “popular” stories of victims of police brutality.

Speak Their Stories is more than just saying the victims' names; it is centered around sharing their stories with the world from the viewpoint and voice of the women who are still mentally, emotionally and financially impacted by the loss or victimization of their loved one due to the wrongful act of social injustice. We recognize we can not just speak their story without connecting with them to hear it.

Women will not be left to feel alone or silenced, but will have respected and welcoming platforms to use their voice to empower, educate and offer hope to other impacted families and communities all over the world. Speak That! Movement will also be a trusted resource to the impacted women by providing our special Healing Circles to cater to their family's mental and emotional health. 

Speak Their Stories: The Daviri Robertson Story

Our first story was released on March 27, 2021, to honor the 2-year death anniversary of #DaviriRobertson, known by his loved ones as #Bebop. Daviri was murdered by police outside of #NOLA on March 27, 2019 when he was an unarmed passenger in a vehicle outside of an IHOP. Two years later, his loved ones still have received no justice, no trial and no complete peace. Watch the Daviri Robertson Story shared from the voice and viewpoint of Daviri's mother and sister.

To learn more about Speak Their Stories and ways you can be involved or help us share more stories, please follow Speak Their Stories on social media, sign up for our mailing list, consider making a charitable donation, or contact us today. Thank you!

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