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Laneeda Evans

Laneeda Evans, M.S.W, a native of Rockford, IL, has a true love and concern for people, which is evident by her being a social worker and leader at heart who continues to be a strong community, mental health and social justice advocate. She believes you must meet people where they are and not where you desire them to be in order to truly meet their needs. She also recognizes people can achieve their highest potential if they are provided the appropriate opportunities, tools, resources, and support. 


Laneeda is a first-generation college graduate who has always been passionate about making her dreams and goals a reality. She is an alumni of Illinois State University where she earned her B.S. Degree with an emphasis in Family Relationships and a Minor in Business Administration. As a continuous learner, she attended University of Illinois to attain her Master of Social Work Degree, and later returned to Illinois State University to complete an Administrative Certification beyond the master's level. 


During her tenure with a local school district, Laneeda was very involved in community engagement work. She served as a leader for the Minority Teacher Recruitment Program, established "Parenting with a Purpose" teen parent support groups, served on the United Way Task Force to restructure their mission statement, participated with the West Bloomington Revitalization Program, and facilitated partnerships throughout the community. Laneeda is also a past president of a fraternal organization in Bloomington, IL where she served in several offices for the organization. Over the years, she has selflessly assisted with a variety of community service programs. 


As a professional woman in business who is currently serving as an Executive Board Member for Speak That! Movement, Laneeda is highly experienced in a variety of environments with expertise in results driven, organizational and relationship building skills. She is confident and poised in all types of interactions with individuals at all levels. She is also a visionary leader and solid team player with a proven track record of collaborating with various stakeholders and audiences.

Executive Treasurer

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